Friday, November 14, 2014

The Dragon Butterfly

For every left there is a right.

For every day. A night.

So be it told for every dragon, a butterfly.

For every butterfly dragon.

A dragon butterfly.

And she was borne.

Much as Heylyn was on that fateful day.

Was the dragon butterfly born of night.

Where Heylyn helped it did hurt.

Its pain was pleasure.

Its love was hate.

It despised its friends.

It loved its spate.

Where Weltherwithsp brought hope.

It brought their fate.

Heylyn's opposite.

Day and night.

She'd nought encountered another her equal.

Until she'd met her own night sequel.

When she slept alone it slept with another.

When she found pleasure it found pain.

Where she found loss it found no such strain.

She met it that first night since she'd brought to a halt a human trafficking network. Weltherwithsp had told her in her sleep and the accounts of victims made her weep.

She'd spent every night for weeks up and in her suit.

Hunting and fighting their presence until she'd found their headmaster. She'd flailed him to and fro, though he fell in the end.

She cried and then the dragon butterfly came and laughed at her.

"So you think your beauty matches mine. You're sick and ugly to see and I am the pleasure's mind." she spoke, her suit much like Heylyn's only much more seductive and vile.

"Why do you come at me at such a time?" Heylyn asked her between tears.

"Because." the dragon butterfly said between laughs.

"Stop!" Heylyn screamed as it drove her to anger the dragon butterfly laughed.

"I will only carry on much more than you can handle you washed up and decrepit excuse for a dragon! Your butterfly's wings are crushed under my heel for I'm the real deal. I am sex and pain. I am vile you are tame." a lizard's tongue leapt from her mouth and touched the tip of her nose.

Heylyn fled for the first time in her life. She sat on her balcony and stared at the sky. A single star looked back at her and cried her name from a constellation.

She went to bed not noticing and cried herself to sleep upon her pillow.

She'd heard the news the next day about her success with the trafficking ring and found peace within herself. Even happiness. Then the vision came.

"Butterfly! Butterfly. Huaaa haa haa haa. You aren't so smooth now as you through you were?" it said a forked tongue from within her daydream.

"Who are you?" the little girl Heylyn asked it.

"I am Witherwelsp. Your worst nightmare. Huaaa haa haa!" it laughed and its voice was shrill and she cried though she could not hide.

The worse she felt the happier it was until it was ecstatic.

It did not gloat for it had no concept of victory.

She awoke from a sleepless night. It laughed at her all night, taunting her.

There the star on the balcony in the morning just greeted her barely through the light.

"Strange." She thought.

"It said my name." she noticed and it had.

She went to the mirror and there she was in its reflection: Leyhyn.

Heylyn's face was smooth and hers was worn.

Within the mirror a different person though one the same were sworn.

She turned away in hiding and when she returned Leyhyn was not there looking back.

Heylyn showed up at the studio her design portfolio in arm.

Monique greeted her happily.

"Whatcha got for me today boss?" she joked with her friend and saviour.

"I don't know yet." Heylyn slithered into the dressing room unsure of what to say.

"What's wrong?" asked Monique.

"Nothing. Something. A big something." Heylyn thought about the sky and the star.

Hours later when she was at home alone she spent the night in her bed.

The dragon butterfly had company.

They made love all night and there they shed their pain.

Heylyn bore it all and carried their shame.

She awoke the next day for work grouchy having accomplished nothing. Not a single design idea. No patterns. Just the star in the sky. She dipped into the night.

When she got to work, there it was with a lover: the dragon butterfly.

"I made it all night with him you know?" the Leyhyn told her a big smile on her face.

"Why do you follow me? Leave me alone! You can't be here!" she screamed.

"I am you. You are me. We're the same. Can't you see?" the dragon butterfly mocked her laughing.

The dragon butterfly's man ran his hand up her leg and kissed her neck, sucking it violently.

"You see this? Do you?!" the dragon butterfly demanded.

Heylyn thought of the mirror. Then she thought of the star.

"You're my reflection! My opposite!" Heylyn said observantly.

"Very good!" said the dragon butterfly.

"You really mean: very bad!" Heylyn responded.

"You're absolutely wrong!" Leyhyn replied.

"You mean right." Heylyn gleed feeling happier.

"You b!tch." the dragon butterfly scorned.

"Hey this is pretty good! I'm finally defeating you!" Heylyn laughed feeling ecstatic.

"I'm going to kill you. You're nothing but trouble! You b!tch!" the dragon butterfly exclaimed.

Heylyn had noticed that it had become more extreme in the opposite direction of her behaviour so if she remained balanced, all should be alright.

"I am calm." Heylyn stated truthfully.

"So am I." the dragon butterfly replied as it disappeared with her lover.

Heylyn left that day feeling steady and calm. When she got home she thought about the day's events and the perplexing question of how it all worked.

What if she wanted to be happy or sexual with someone that she loved? Would the dragon butterfly show up somewhere else and make other people unhappy and miserable elsewhere?

The star in the sky spoke to her again. It said her name.

That was when she decided to look it up on the internet, and she did.

The star was called Polaris. The North Star.

It was aligned with the North Pole so that other stars appeared to circle it as the Earth rotated. It was also part of the constellation Ursa Major.

She thought carefully about this and its significance. Then the mirror came to mind and her reflection the dragon butterfly.

"If this star is part of the constellation in the North, is there another one identical to it with the same qualities in the south?" Heylyn checked it in the online ephemeris.

There was no such indication so she searched it on the internet and there was no such South Star or constellation that were equal to the ones in the Northern hemisphere.

That could only mean one thing.

In her dreams that night she was the little girl and Weltherwithsp was fighting Witherwelsp intertwined.

There was another big girl there who was mean and belligerent who was clearly the dragon butterfly.

"Well little girl. Let's see who is best here." the big girl dragon butterfly said.

"You're not real." the little girl butterfly dragon replied.

"Now what makes you say that real little girl?" asked the big girl.

"You're an opposite. A mirror reflection." the little girl replied.

"Yes. Everything has a reflection." the big girl replied meanly.

"No. Not everything has a reflection." the little girl said boldly.

"You're wrong. Everything has an opposite. Everything. Up has down. East has West. Top has bottom. Hot has cold. In has out." the big girl said.

"Not everything. Ursa Major." the little girl said.

"Ursa Minor." said the big girl.

"It's not an opposite. Its another constellation. It is not a reflection of Ursa Major." the little girl replied confidently.

"What? What kind of nonsense is this?" the big girl said getting impatient with the little girl.

"The Big Dipper. A constellation in the Northern Hemisphere. It contains the North Star. The North Pole points almost directly at the North Star. All other stars in the northern hemisphere are seen to revolve around it." the little girl said.

"Really. So. What is so important about that?" the big girl asked.

"There is no such same star and constellation as those in the South Pole. No mirror reflection of it." the little girl replied.

"What! That's impossible! That cannot be!" the big girl said slowly turning to the dragon butterfly.

"No it isn't. I am real. You are a fraud. There is not a reflection for everything. Therefore there is not an opposite for everything. That means also that you cannot reverse opposites in definition. So love cannot mean hate. Hate cannot mean love." the little girl replied to the big girl.

Witherwelsp appeared in place of the big girl.

"You may have won this time, but you will not win again!" the dragon butterfly spat at the little girl and Weltherwithsp.

"No my counterpart for thou art fake and you cannot even art's fold make. For your reflection is not true where I am alive you are not dead. Where I am silent you aren't said. You're a fool's folly made to look real but truth be said you lack truth's appeal." Weltherwithsp responded to the dragon butterfly and Witherwelsp alike.

The Dragon Butterfly disappeared immediately without a sound just as she came when she'd been found.

Only the Butterfly Dragon did remain with Weltherwithsp by her side to claim.

Heylyn awoke the next morning rested and well.

Her star still in the sky watching over her.

"North star. I will no longer you call you North Star or Polaris. You are my North Knight." Heylyn spoke and went comfortably back to sleep.

Copyright © 2014 Brian Joseph Johns

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