Friday, October 21, 2016

Sylvia Upadhaya from The Butterfly Dragon and A Full Glass, A Piano And The Disappearance Of Time...

This is how I envisioned Sylvia Upadhaya, one of Alicia's inspirations from the first book The Butterfly Dragon I: Heroes Of Our Own. She is also mentioned by her peer Bryce Maxwell in A Full Glass, A Piano And The Disappearance Of Time.

When Alicia aged sixteen happens upon her, Sylvia has been left as a forgotten relic in an old age home. Sylvia who emigrated from India with her family when she was young much like Heylyn, studied molecular biology attaining her masters degree at the age of twenty six, later going on to work on projects for a number of large research firms. She plays a key role in inspiring Alicia in the extended version of the full edition book.

I just thought I'd upload this as I'd worked on it today. Just thinking about when I'm living in a place where it's not so difficult to work on things without having them "taken" from me. If things fare well this week, there might be two new stories for Halloween. One for The Butterfly Dragon which will bring together the whole team, Heylyn Yates, Monique Defleur, Alicia Westin and Valerie Aspen for a Halloween adventure with a twist.

There will also be one for A Lady's Prerogative which too, Mila Rendebelle, Yirfir Lacharme, Nelony Ardbloem and of course Shaela Sheowellyn for the Wytching Hour. Oh, and Jasmer and Barris too ;-) Look for some cameos from some of my other stories as well in this one.

In the image above, I must thank Laboratory Tools Stock Photography and University Of South Florida Department of Cell and Molecular Biology. Thanks to the Canadian Health Care system, researchers world wide and of course the Fashion Industry who are highly active in fund raising. They've all served as an inspiration for the characters of The Butterfly Dragon. I'll probably be spending a good deal of my weekend cleaning, apartment maintenance and gaming. If you're a gamer, you might find me on Elite Dangerous, Star Trek Online or Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic. Some time in the near future, I'll actually leave my account handles so you can contact me if you'd like.

Update October 23, 2016:

Likely there will be no Halloween stories as my harassers just wouldn't let up. So I'll be continuing the books after I've relocated to a new community that I've picked. If I change my mind before then, you'll be the first to know.

Brian Joseph Johns

Monday, October 3, 2016

Butterfly Dragon Cancelled...

Thanks to the abuse and efforts of very nasty cult in Toronto and elsewhere in the world, The Butterfly Dragon will no longer be continued.

Mostly this is based upon the actions of an abusive cult in the Toronto area and the fact that this cult believes that my book is not original. I believe that the motives are more based upon the activities of a racist cult that is prevailing in many parts of the world against Oriental culture.

The book that I wrote is original and I believe that a criminal gang conducted illegal surveillance or used a keylogger to steal my book as I wrote it. I reported this concern to the authorities several times but was never assisted on the matter. Not to mention that a criminal gang seems to be operating in strength in the area that I live, and seem to be in control of this form of spying and using it for such theft.

The same fate will affect A Lady's Prerogative and for the same reasons.

Most of my efforts will be focused on a legal battle against the group responsible and getting an official investigation in place into this activity in Toronto and elsewhere.

Much of it was racist as well targeting the race of my character Heylyn Yates because I created her as a Mandarin Chinese character. Instead the gang responsible seemed to want the character to be Italian, and for that culture also to be my real life love interest and not my current Mandarin Chinese love interest. So this was deliberate racist sabotage by an organized criminal gang whose activities I will never keep quiet about.

Perhaps when law enforcement takes reports seriously in such matters, low income earners like myself won't be compromised by criminal operations with the ability to spy illegally upon private citizens for the purposes of theft of creative property.

I will post the exact same message on Tales Of The Sanctum which will signal a cessation to any further work on either property.

Keep in mind as well that while this activity was going on, I was also being stalked and abused by neighbors, members of my community and other people in the city of Toronto in a sort of love/hate competition. It has been a very unnerving experience and right now if I was offered the chance to leave my country and go to Korea, Japan or China and work shoveling ditches for a living, I'd take it in a heartbeat and never return.

That's how betrayed I feel.

I will continue to write though I will never work on The Butterfly Dragon or A Lady's Prerogative characters or stories again as a result of this ordeal.

Both the series' books are my creative properties and my creation, though a group of very nasty people tried to steal them. So I did not take them down because I had done any wrong in any way at all. I took them down because I'd been done wrong by an abusive group of people. I am not on the blue team and never will be.

With regret,

Brian Joseph Johns

No Makeup Mondays Monique Defleur...

And without further ado our feisty French heroine and fashion model extraordinaire... Accomplished with Daz3D, Adobe Photoshop by Brian Jose...