Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Butterfly Dragon: Heroes Of Our Own - The Full Edition coming soon

The Butterfly Dragon: Heroes Of Our Own - The Full Edition is being readied for its official release on September 9, 2015.

Complete with many extras and additional chapters including a backstory for Heylyn's life before starting West Meet East International and her first romance. Valerie's life before meeting Torman and during their relationship. Alicia's research from the start of the SY-349 program and her first few nights out alone as the super lady: Night Style. The origins of the Field and Heylyn's very first meeting with Weltherwithsp as a child.

All this and in accordance with my plan for every sale, 25% of the total return will be distributed equally amongst the following charities:

The Cancer Research Institute (World Wide Cancer Research)
The Princess Margaret Foundation (Cancer Research)
The Reeve Foundation (Research Cures For Paralysis)
The ALS Society Of BC (Lou Gehrig's Disease)
Muscular Dystrophy Canada (Muscular Degeneration)

The totals will be tracked here on this site. Profits from my books will pay me for my time and be reinvested continuously back into these properties including A Lady's Prerogative, Welcome To The Pleroma, Stories From The EndShhhh! Digital and this one here, The Butterfly Dragon. Each is being developed into its own independent creative property and each will have the same promise and that is that 25% of the total return will go to charity represented by the context of the book (or software as Shhhh! Digital is actually a software company I started in which the 25% of the return from my flagship product go to The Sick Kids Hospital). It's all of nothing right now because 25% of nothing is nothing. That will change. It just takes time and perseverance.

All of these charities are real world charities that represent what the SY-349 was developed for in the book. Let's help real life researchers and heroes to make Alicia's fictional research a reality.

As said before, this is not a scam nor is it a get rich quick scheme. This is art helping to make the world a better place by empowering real life researchers through the proceeds of their art. Furthermore, when and if students read something like the first book in the series, they might overcome their own limitations in regard to self consciousness, realize their real beauty as people and pursue their dreams and change the world just like Alicia and Heylyn do.

I expect that in the future, a link will be found between aesthetic perception, cognition and the placebo effect and that real life researchers will be able to model that as a factor into their treatments and cures having a real effect upon a cure based upon aesthetic perception. In reality.

So this is really our way of helping that and real life well founded scientific research and potential cures to become a reality.

As I've said, I am committed to these stories and have been since my youth so this is not a get in, get rich and get out quick scheme. I'd like to see these stories have that kind of an impact upon our world and so we as artists and researchers can leave the world a little bit better than it was when we arrived.

More to come from Dragon Butterfly too, and that book will be going through a metamorphic transformation before it is released as an ebook based upon its obvious controversial subject matter. The first draft however will remain the same as it is published here because it is and will become a very important social statement in the chapters to come.

Have a great day,

Brian Joseph Johns

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Announcing A Lady's Prerogative: The Full Edition

At 4 AM EST, A Lady's Prerogative: The Full Edition hit the book shelves at As promised with each and every one of my books, 25% of what I make on each sale, will be donated to charity.

The Full Edition contains content not available in the online edition including new chapters and character back stories and new events that were not written about in the freely available version of the book as it is the first draft edition and also as promised, the first draft will always be available freely from this blog. When you buy the Full Edition ebook, you'll not only be supporting the author who wrote the book, but charities related to the book's plot elements. Much of the financing (based upon my budget allowances after the charities have been paid and financial responsibilities have been met) will be reinvested back into the series to pay for art and expand the media types covering the story's universe.

The Full Edition of A Lady's Prerogative: Wounded Aerth will be released in as little as four to six months, pending new additions and back story content and even new characters. Details such as the story of Tanara Milaise, Tobias Mesky and even the formation of the hunters and their first quarry under Exeter and of course Alivale's place as the headquarters for the Culdar Rath in 1654 are among the stories and chapters being added to the book.

The Butterfly Dragon: Heroes Of Our Own - The Full Edition, will be available as the next ebook that I release for sale on Amazon and it too will contain a lot of added content including a romantic back story for Heylyn along with stories of her path through the martial arts, Valerie's early years up until meeting Torman, the year surrounding the invention of the SY-349 formula when Alicia first becomes the super hero Night Style and much more. As well it will support charity under the same arrangement and percentage upon each sale, of course targeting charities related to the plot. Likewise, finances based upon my own budget considerations will be reinvested back into the stories to pay for art (possibly even t-shirts or West Meet East clothing representing each of the characters from the story). There is a lot of possibility and of course it will operate under the same charitable donation model.

I hope that this takes off because I'd like to see both of these stories blossom into something big.

Thanks for your time and your support as readers,

Brian Joseph Johns

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