Monday, March 2, 2015

Updates On Hold Temporarily...

Hello from the Sanctum, I am the author of A Lady's Prerogative 1, 2 and Testament Of Time and the author of Butterfly Dragon: Heroes Of Our Own and the currently in progress Butterfly Dragon: The Dragon Butterfly.

Much like the current events at the Sanctum in A Lady's Prerogative: Wounded Aerth, my Sanctum is very much under attack by an abusive group of people unfortunately.

The same people locally have been using illegal tech to spy on my writing and attempting to steal it as I do it, while harassing me very aggressively and sometimes around the clock. As  result, I'm putting the stories on hold temporarily until I can recuperate from the latest round of attacks by a very nasty group of people, who seem to be doing exactly what the Culdar Rath of that story did to many of the residents of the colony (bury or burn them alive and steal the victim's accomplishments while dumping their "transgressions" onto the victims). My intent was never to punish my readers and essentially it isn't as I need time to recover from the latest round of attacks as they've been potentially damaging and abusive to say the least.

I wonder if J.K. Rowling went through similar interruptions while she was penning the original Harry Potter series, as it too deals with witch craft or if Stephanie Meyers was interrupted and harassed during her work on the Twilight series as it deals with Vampirism?

What about Clive Barker or Stephen King whose stories deal with a variety of other horrorific and demonic topics?

I am not implying that I am anywhere near their quality as a writer, but the principle is just the same. Their books contain many controversial allegorical questions that they pose to the reader, much like mine do and that is what makes reading so great, especially when it challenges your ideas about the world and expands them. What is the difference between people that results in how such a group chooses to target and victimize someone?

Anyhow, I refuse to give up, but I do need to recover as they've been literally going around the clock for a few months now in shifts and I only have so much energy and patience.

I will be back recharged soon enough. Until then,

Stay Safe And Be Well
Brian Joseph Johns

PS: I will be keeping the pressure on in exposing their ideology and methodology from some of my other blogs as I believe that I am not the only victim. I think that this group intends literally to steal my efforts (have they been already and I just think people know me as the writer?), With eavesdropping technology, a group of people can and do literally steal your efforts as you make them on your computer and transfer them to someone located elsewhere. You might notice the popularity of your efforts in clues from people out there, but those people might think someone else entirely different is the author. I'd like to retain the rights to my own stories for future expansion of projects related to their content.

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