Friday, May 8, 2015

RNA World...

An interesting announcement recently came from the Michael H.W. Weber, Project Administrator over at RNA World is that through Supercomputing and Distributed Computing Applications, that they are gearing up for what could be revolutionary approach to future gene therapy programs through health care.

The new additions involve setting up their Supercomputing and distributed computing server systems to conduct the search for molecular binders, agents that bind to Ribonucleic Acids which are the messengers that convey genetic information for the production of specific proteins in DNA and the regular functioning of cells. By affecting the RNA either by inhibiting it or enhancing it, finding such molecular binders would lead to innovative approaches to gene therapy from stopping viruses at the cellular and genetic level, to Cancer treatments that affect only Cancerous cells while preventing them from multiplying and other future applications that involve modifying the function of these RNA messengers. This is real world research that has a direct impact upon future treatments by providing Molecular Biologists and Geneticists with the data they need for the development of such treatments.

RNA World is one of the many projects available on through World Community Grid and Boinc, where you can contribute your home or office computer's idle to computation for solving real world problems like the fight against Cancer and other diseases to research for the SETI program.

Its interesting to note that SETI@Home was among the first in not the first distributed computing project and directly led to advances that resulted in the use of distributed computing for Cancer and research in the fight against disease.

Thank you Mr. Weber for that announcement.

Look forward to some new chapters in the second book of The Butterfly Dragon and a return to the short story posts which will follow Alicia's first years in the research lab leading up to her discovery of the SY-Series compound.

Brian Joseph Johns

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