Monday, July 20, 2015

New Ebook version available

Weltherwithsp early concept drawing taken from the 
description in the children's story.
Just a quick bit of news.

I just published the ebook version of The Field, The Butterflies And The Dragon which is freely available for download so you can read it on your tablet, phone or ebook reader.

That story is intended for a young audience, or as a bedtime story for a toddler or child though you might want to read it over first just to be sure it passes your discretion as an adult and parent.

It is the book that is written by Heylyn based upon the story her Mother and her Grandmother used to tell her as a little girl.

It will always be made freely available in support of Universal Children's Day.

Also, I started working on Alicia's concept visual (which will cover both her incarnations as Night Style and as the lab researcher for Tynan And Associates). It should be ready within the week. Alicia will be showing up a bit more in future chapters of The Butterfly Dragon II: Dragon Butterfly.

That leaves one more after that (Valerie aka Valkyra) to round out the heroic foursome from the first book.


Brian Joseph Johns
Me as an 11 year old kid

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