Monday, May 30, 2016

Introducing Dragon Butterfly and Valerie Aspen...

From left to right: Dragon Butterfly, Night Style, Valerie Aspen (Valkyra), The Eclipse, The Butterfly Dragon
Click image for slightly larger version.

This is an image I made today after spending a considerable amount of time attending to the design of Dragon Butterfly and Valerie Aspen. I wanted a picture to showcase all of the Women together from the book (Dragon Butterfly doesn't enter into the storyline until book two). Dragon Butterfly could also be considered the nemesis to the Butterfly Dragon.

Valerie Aspen's costume in the end will be very simplistic more reflecting to her origins as a business and management professional who became a vengeful super hero after she was double crossed by her ex-boyfriend Greer Torman. Her power is enormous strength and endurance, making her the heavy hitter of the group.

The image itself was made purposely grainy to match the original backdrop image which was taken from my cheap camera. The Women were rendered separately and then painstakingly hand shaded for lighting accents. You'll notice a prominent landmark which marks their city of origin and mine, which is also the headquarters for the fictitious fashion company West Meet East International and Tynan And Associates (through which I run real bio-medical research by the way, having contributed to Cancer, E-bola and AIDS research programs all from my apartment through World Community Grid and Boinc).

The characters showcase work by other artists such as Ai Mei ( who gave the Butterfly Dragon her facial and body appearance and Wendy Pusey ( whose clothing and fashion designs are used in some of the characters from the Dragon Butterfly's stilt heels to Night Style's and Valerie Aspen's tops. In the near future I'll upload some close-ups of each of the Women, especially the new ones. Still working on the artwork for the rerelease of the The Butterfly Dragon.

I forgot to mention that this was rendered using the very capable Daz3D Studio and NVidia Iray rendering technology.


Brian Joseph Johns
200 Sherbourne Street Apt 701
Toronto, Ontario
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