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Another Butterfly Dragon?

Brian Joseph Johns
I did some searching recently for The Butterfly Dragon on the web. I'd done it initially when I'd first published the first story and the accompanying children's story in late 2012. My search at that time came up with nothing of the same name or content so I went ahead with the name.

Besides that, it was already decidedly an Oriental themed fable and myth, one which I stand in front and defend with all of my heart.

Recently while setting up Cortana (Microsoft's built in assistant in Windows 10) with a Kinect for Windows, I came across a book called Agnes and the Butterfly Dragon Paperback dated Oct 10 2012.

This was about a month or two after I'd published mine by the way and around the same time I'd published the accompanying children's book The Field, The Butterflies And The Dragon.

I'd published under my blog Poetry And Fiction initially, during the summer of 2012 and continued to work on it while it was published on that blog eventually giving it a home of it's own here early in the New Year of 2013. I'd also noticed recently an animation by Susan Yue, called The Butterfly Dragon which was for her graduate's portfolio at UNSWTV. Congratulations to both ladies on their accomplishments and successes with their creations and I sincerely wish them both well however I must explain some things that are not connected with either of these inventive Women.

I certainly did not see this book at the time of my writing The Butterfly Dragon (which at that time was just called Heroes Of Our Own with the heroic character Ai Yuanlin Ying being the Butterfly Dragon). In essence it was an ode to a prior girlfriend and some influential Women (and Men) in my life as was A Lady's Prerogative. One thing I'd certainly had experienced up until that point was clues that I was being eavesdropped illegally, as people in my community would often drop hints that they knew what I was writing by speaking specific details related to the unpublished portions of the story. In other words text I'd not published on the web but had written in a word processor to go over it before publishing it. I don't want to say that the author Nalin DaSilva was connected to anyone preying upon my computer in this regard, but certainly someone has been and likely still is. In fact if I held any animosity towards her for her book, I'd not have published or advertised her book.

I'd even reported the activity to the RCMP (Canada's famed Federal Police often referred to as Mounties). I support the Mounties work keeping Canada safe and even working abroad training Police Officers in Afghanistan and providing their expertise to our partners abroad. They sent me a reply and told me that they would review the data and intel I'd given them with regard to such activity, though I'd never heard from them again beyond receiving a written letter thanking me for the information. A week later the very same letter was stolen from my person just before I was about to photocopy it for my records. Bizarre coincidences.

Locally I'd also received a lot of flack and abuse from "stalkers" in the community including some nasty neighbors as well (who still seem to abuse me until this day). It seems that many people were angry with my choice to make the main character from my book the Butterfly Dragon a Chinese person. I'd even been harassed about contacting the Federal Police by members of the community, indicating to me that whomever was observing my computer activity had observed me contacting them as well and had shared that information locally in my community. It's almost as if someone had been live streaming the activities from my computer and sharing that information with people nearby. A gross violation seeing as I don't use my computer for anything of a criminal nature, and Police certainly don't leak private information into communities about the intel they'd gained or the creative properties obtained during surveillance of computer. So it definitely was not law enforcement behind this effort. It was something else.

The stalking became a constant thing including day and night abuse from neighbors and people in the neighborhood alike, which prompted me to start using my blog Poetry And Fiction to post information about what was going on in that regard. Initially I had create Poetry And Fiction as a thank you blog for many of the people that had inspired me. Most of what I'd post on it showcased other people's accomplishments that had inspired me at some point in time. The blog suffered a lot as a result of the abuse from such people, perhaps even proving to be character assassination in a sense. I've recently been trying to recover the blog and get it back on track again using a dedicated blog to post my concerns about such stalker and hate groups that conduct such abuse on another venue.

So despite what has happened, I am still very much dedicated to The Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative, though I will never do A Lady's Prerogative if The Butterfly Dragon is sabotaged or ruined by such a group of abusive persons because in all honesty, my real life love interest is a Mandarin Chinese lady and one of the sole inspirations for the story (alongside a childhood friend and some other inspirational Women).

One of my concerns is when is such illegal surveillance going to be investigated officially because as I've said, it seems to be used for the purposes locally of stealing what others accomplish on their computer or even to abuse someone for what you do on your computer. I'm certainly not a member of any ideology or faith that would conduct themselves in such a way, and certainly I'd take legal action if someone was doing so and I found out. How is one to be certain that someone isn't just taking what I do, and claiming it as their own if they can spy on what I do as I do it? How do I know they're not keylogging my computer and taking what I write and selling it in a bookstore someone else under a different name? All of what I do is done from my meek bachelor apartment at 200 Sherbourne Street in apartment 701 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in Regent Park. Just a bit south of Dundas Street on the west side of Sherbourne. I'm not making a killing doing it. It's an investment and a labor of love that I hope will grow wings some day and really fly.

I do nothing of that sort to anyone else and certainly not worth abusing and stalking anyone for unless you have something against a guy that wants to improve his Chinese and his massage skills here and here

I use my computer as well to admire beauty and creativity while keeping up with the world of fashion (a big part of the plot in The Butterfly Dragon) here seeing as The Butterfly Dragon is a fashion designer by day and a superhero by night along side coworker/model Monique Defleur (The Eclipse) and scientific genius Alicia Westin (Night Style) as seen here:

Ai Yuanlin Ying
aka Heylyn Yates aka The Butterfly Dragon.

A young girl who emigrated from China to North America with her parents at the young age of two. Maintaining ties with her history, she learns the secrets of an ancient tradition of protectors who use the style of the Butterfly Dragon and whom are protected by a mysterious and mystical otherworldly presence.

Alicia Westin
aka Night Style.

Here she pays homage to Rodin and her life as a scientific genius who designs a wonder formula with the potential to cure a plethora of degenerative diseases including Cancer.

Monique Defleur looking very alluring in full costume as The (Strawberry) Eclipse

Give her a break. She loves strawberries.

These images by the way are from my private collection and make up some of the artwork that adorns my computer desktops. I use two for what I do. One as a music workstation and a fulltime scientific research platform using Boinc. The other is my writing and design computer and the one I use most often. I also run a Raspberry Pi compatible ODROID which runs 24/7 running a subset of the Boinc client as well for scientific research.

I've been holding off on writing anything new for The Lost And The Found until this I'm able to deal with this problem of eavesdropping and how it's being misused. Chances are I wont continue until that problem is solved and if I do, I'll be taking many precautions including streaming my writing as I write on Twitch, so that I have witnesses to my writing it at that time. Kind of like fighting fire with fire? I'd like to see a legal solution to this problem, especially that involves exposure and arrests. I imagine that might be a large operation however but not impossible. Maybe some superheroes could help? I'm sure that the Butterfly Dragon would be up to it.

Don't think me paranoid either as anyone would be if their activities were subject to such scrutiny and their privacy breached in such a way only to find that their creative properties and development had been shared into their community without their permission or even sold under another name by someone else. I don't have the finances for protecting myself against such theft. Does that mean that I have no rights in that regard? Food for thought.

Brian Joseph Johns

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