Friday, September 30, 2016


Time is so baffling. I mean we think we know it and then it blows us away. Kind of like space. We all really think that we know it but... When it comes to really knowing, both time and space just kick our collective... Something.

I mean yesterday, I was fixing toys. In kindergarten. They thought that I was a miracle. A healer. A doctor. Healing their dolls. I mean I was smart and convincing but I never pulled one over on them. No. Because I believe in something.

God? I can't answer that as surely as I think that God couldn't. Did Einstein believe in God? Maybe that's an obvious answer. How about Oppenheimer? A bit more difficult. Planck? Now we're talking...

My father grew up during a time that I can't even understand. So did my Mother.

Hippies at Woodstock representing human consciousness through music. The revolution. The righteous after all would rule the world.

The meek. Those who'd rise up to claim it. Who invented that?

No meek ones came. They'd all ended. They're kind of predictable that way because meek people never conflict. It's absolute with them.

We're present after all. Like attendance in class. Oh! I can't get this diary!

Alicia leans her head down on the page.

Heylyn sees her from the corner of the room.

It's a classroom after all. They're all free.

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