Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Quick Note

Recently the issue of money has become an important aspect of the future of my blogs and this site and more importantly the future of the books. I have been working on a side business project in the arena of software development hoping to get that going enough to help me bridge the distance to the point of publishing the book versions of Butterfly Dragon: Heroes Of Our Own and Butterfly Dragon: Dragon Butterfly.

The goal with these books and with others on Tales Of The Sanctum was to make the first draft available publicly, so that those who love to read who wanted to read the material, but for whatever reason were unable to make a purchase would have complete access to the first draft of the book. Actually, the crowd funding model would have worked good with this effort but I'm not sure that I'm ready for that just yet.

The reason for this notice is to let you know that the stories of The Butterfly Dragon as available from this blog will always be made available for free to the reader and I will never ask for any kind of donation, but instead ask that you seek to donate to the charities I've listed here on the right panel of the blog who are doing meaningful research to fight Cancer and degenerative diseases that affect many people on a daily basis the world over. These stories were meant to inspire the hero in us all for that purpose and to inspire people to take part in such an effort.

Sharing your off hours computing time with projects like the World Community Grid is another way to help if you cannot afford to donate, but please seek to help those charities I've listed on the right (or others of your own choosing in a related cause) if you can, even with a modest donation. I seek to especially help the causes of Cancer research (and those that help fight breast cancer or aid in its diagnosis and treatment like WaveCheck) and degenerative diseases, especially those affecting the mobility of others and the potential and future of children.

I will never ask for any money on this site but I will advertise the print or ebook version final edition of the stories written here, which will include new material and possibly extra chapters not included in the online first draft edition of these stories. That will most likely be hosted on a different site altogether as I don't want this to be a money grab on the shoulders of these charities or their efforts. The stories are the vehicle to get people thinking about being heroes themselves by helping out these causes.

The other stories on my sites like Tales Of The Sanctum (which is the official site for the A Lady's Prerogative series of stories) will follow the same model, but will offer an option to support the writing process of these books. I still haven't decided which sites will offer this option or not, but I am considering the future in this respect.

As times goes on, I'll never have any way of knowing the effect by any sum of money these stories had upon raising money for those charities but I know it is helping and hopefully inspiring others to do the same. In the meantime I will develop the stories to the point that they will be ready for print (ebook) and hopefully at some point in the future, ready for other media formats...

Brian Joseph Johns

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