Monday, May 4, 2015

Removed Until Further Notice

I've been made the subject of a cruel form of theft and substitution for which I am pulling down the stories for a short time from here. Unfortunately the group responsible is against my love interest being of a different culture than mine (she's Oriental and I'm Caucasian) and this cult has made it a game of using the stories as the grounds to steal from me what I accomplish including the stories themselves (they've been doing the same thing with A Lady's Prerogative as well for some time which I've also pulled down).

The group involved employ illegal means of eavesdropping on my computer despite the fact that I am not a criminal offender (must be a criminal gang doing it then). The output seems to be shared with people in my vicinity unfortunately who then use it to lay claim to the credit for the writing.

In my community, I am often mistreated by many people while someone else in the building is credited for my deeds. So the stories are coming down until this is resolved.

This is not "blue love" by the way in other words hate does not mean love and love does not mean hate.

I hope to have the stories back up before the end of the month.

Brian Joseph Johns

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