Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day In The Life Of Starving Artist And Entrepreneur

9:10 AM Wake up... Brush out the cob webs from being harassed the night before...

9:30 AM Begin working on your day's agenda and goals... (Promo materials design in this case)

10:30 AM Get cleaned up and go to social services office to apply for benefits new card...

11:00 AM Get chewed on by the people trying to chip off whatever they can from you, who believe that anything that you accomplish comes from other people, so they try to steal it from you using the definitions of colours based upon the colours you wear and the colour of your eyes.

11:45 AM After fending off most of those doing so, attended to by polite office staff (some of whom have rarely had anyone stick up for the same principles). Possible risk though of having my identity swapped with that of someone else (in other words, when people ask who it was that defended those values, they'll say someone else rather than myself, probably making it into a competition fighting for the credit thereof).

12:00 PM Fight off the rest of the people (verbally though politely) who believe they've chipped off all of your good and are then trying to dump their bad onto you (most often related to crack cocaine and whatever other activities they can find to be of weight to you).

12:15 PM Get the card I applied for, once again by polite office staff. Once again perhaps the chance that the cult will swap your identity with that of someone else (its a collective who practice doing that daily and you literally might lose all of your good efforts). Its a cult that tries to take down individualists and "self serving types" or "SSTs" as they sometimes refer to them.

12:18 PM Recognize an old mainframe programmer that I knew from VLC (Videolink) years ago (long before I'd met Eugene and just when Lil and I had started going steady. They must have put him near me at the same time because yesterday, I talked about my experience in the early computer days. When I was 17/18, I was training as a programmer in the days before Windows (I actually talked about that). When I was 19, I was working as a tech. When I was 20, I was making a great cash ($20/hr). So between the ages of 17 and 23, I'd already had a full computer career in that time. That was between 1984 and 1991. The only reason that this cult do things like that is because they steal other people's lives. The details of other people's lives, they steal in teams. I've been revealing that as they do it. So if they can claim that someone else is controlling you, or that you're stealing the details of someone else's life, they can convince others to disbelieve other facts of your life. Another method of their theft of a person's life. I am not from Nova Scotia by the way. So when I saw the guy at the office, I kept quiet because in case he was someone important, I didn't want to give him away. I waited til I got a bit of a ways away to reveal that I remembered him. I have a near photographic memory when it comes to faces. The cult often puts people near you at waypoints in your life, that serve as the means to divert your accomplishments to someone else. This is part of their dualistic method of theft. They pit two people who were around each other in the same vicinity and give the good to the winner of this competition and the bad to the loser. They conduct illegal eavesdropping in order to know what there is to steal from the competitor(s) for this competition. I've been revealing their methodology every day for years since I found out they were using it to steal from me. So they keep their victim locked away (and poor usually) while stealing all of their efforts and accomplishments to fuel someone else's life using this ideology.

12:20 PM Thank the staff for the card, thank the tax payers for their investment in me (in a sort of rhetorical sense) that I pay for every day by representing our values pretty good most of the time.

Its mostly about being held hostage by "hate". Creating a debt in others by attacking one person surreptitiously until they react harshly, then turning it into a social debt that is paid back by burdening them with the load of others.

12:25 PM Ride back on my bicycle fending off people all along the way, from the side walks and even their cars who take part in this daily activity and who are fighting to trade my identity to someone else on the basis of team membership or blood, while giving me someone else's identity and reputation completely.

12:30 PM Secretly blog it in an unpublished post.

12:35 PM Plan the rest of the day's efforts and think about how to pay nearly $2000 dollars in copyright applications and publishing efforts on a $280 a month salary, while being stolen from by a cult that steals from you by swapping you identity with that of others, so that they get the credit for what you do, and you get the blame for what they do according to whoever is the "good" side and whoever is the "bad" side.

12:45 PM Marvel at the fact that you've deciphered one of their biggest secret methodologies by yourself and consider what your going to do with the rest of the day so that in the future, you don't have to rely on social service money by creating a licensable creative property that might provide your living one day.

Brian Joseph Johns

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