Friday, April 8, 2016

Something For A Lady's Prerogative, Something for Butterfly Dragon...

Brian Joseph Johns
Well I managed to get something done for both blogs for a change. In case you missed the post, there's a new chapter for A Lady's Prerogative: The Game called The World, The Sanctum And Japanese Mortgage Brokers. This hand of Feylashar's card game finds Mila and the gang trying to help a young friend and his Mother from the past.

I've been very busy working on the latest CG character for The Butterfly Dragon and it has proven a challenge as I've built the character from the ground up. I'm just about to start rigging as soon as I've got the surfaces correct. So I've posted a new header for the site featuring the first release image for the character which is the new site banner for The Butterfly Dragon. Not to mention that I've added Warai Jeong-Min Tokama to the banner as she is a very important character introduced in the second book Dragon Butterfly.

If you want some info about The Butterfly Dragon, first off it includes a great cast of characters and a folklore built on the Eastern philosophies of many countries from the east and Western philosophy and modern sensibility. Heylyn's company West Meet East International is headquartered in Toronto, Canada with small satellite offices in New York, Paris, London, Berlin, Mumbai, Singapore, Osaka, Beijing and Seoul. Tynan and Associates has an international presence with branches in a hundred countries around the world. Many of the companies that West Meet East International deal with are big name fashion giants in our world (though I refrain from bringing them up by name in the books for trademark reasons). Much of the influence for Heylyn Yates comes from a few real life love interest (she's Oriental and one of the inspirations for the character). Being 48 years of age I intend to retire one day with her or someone like her and maybe visit some of the real life locations from my books or write another series with her as co-author or editor.

So I submit for your peruse, the new site banner introducing the Weltherwithsp...

I hope you enjoy the new chapter for A Lady's Prerogative: The Game. Look forward to much new content for The Butterfly Dragon (some short stories) and a much needed update to Dragon Butterfly.

Thanks for your readership, thanks to my family and friends too and people in the community who support my efforts (without robbing me blind),

You're awesome!

Brian Joseph Johns

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