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The Lost And The Found Part 3: Ship Of Fools

Heylyn had boarded the ship as a passenger in Hong Kong. Most of her belongings were in a small carry on bag. That's everything that she'd take with her to the new world. The promised opportunity of the West though she'd already fallen for the West long ago. Through her youth she'd grown up learning the ways her parents had taught her of the East. She'd also learned through the mentorship of the three temples the ways of the Butterfly Dragon. A long lost martial arts form and way of life. With both the East and the West in her she was complete, though it never was enough. One who is complete must help others to be complete within themselves and so she did. Alicia first. Then her true love Brad, whom she'd lost to a violent act of terrorism. Then for Monique whom she'd rescued from a dangerous spouse and had given her the opportunity of a lifetime. She'd been rewarded with a successful fashion company and a world known presence which she most often played down.

After all, she was the Butterfly Dragon from her Mother`s and her Grandmother`s story bedtime story. A deadly creature who'd emerged from the cocoon built by the butterflies. Butterflies are vanity. Artistry. Delicate. Fragile. In their bedtime story the creatures had been taken away one by one. Kidnapped by cruel people who'd keep them for a collection. The creatures had a meeting where they discussed how to defend themselves and deal with these cruel poachers. Everyone of the creatures had a defense though it was useless against the poachers. When the butterflies offered their help the creatures of the field had laughed at them. After all, how could delicate, fragile and vain creatures such as butterflies do anything to protect them?

So the butterflies built a cocoon, putting the best of each of the creatures into it. When the poachers returned once again to finish off the rest of the creatures, out came the Butterfly Dragon to deliver justice. The story had left such a strong impression upon her that she'd taken it up as a way of life. Shaping and moulding herself into a Butterfly through rigorous training. By the time she was sixteen years old, she was a force to be reckoned with though a responsible and humble one at that. Much like her Chinese namesake Ai, which meant love. As Monique had put it, great love.

What she did now she did out of love. Her parents had brought her from China to Canada on a reputable ship to their new life in Toronto. She too was an immigrant like the people who'd entrusted their life savings to the traffickers. Her parents had brought her to North America when she was two and thanks to the good relations between the Chinese and Canadian embassies all went well. Her father had even maintained contact with family back in China, who'd come to Canada to visit them on two occasions. All had went well. No problems with visas or travel rights.

The ship she'd boarded however was her target. Under investigation for human trafficking. She'd even set up the means to get a ride on the ship so she could investigate. Monique had accompanied her though they'd both boarded at two different points. Where as Heylyn had boarded in Hong Kong, Monique had boarded at Bangkok a week before her. They'd made contact on the boat pretending that was their first meeting. Monique had taken advantage of her Ukrainian and French background which had made her perfect for this operation. They leaned over the bannister looking down the seventy five foot drop to the warm Pacific.

"They're still not biting yet. I'm doing everything I can to draw them in. I even showed a bit of leg today." Monique told Heylyn.

"I know. They're just being cautious. They'll take notice of us soon and likely make their move. Don't panic when they do. We're valuable to them. Like their payload. They won't damage us because that will devalue us to them." Heylyn advised Monique.

"Oh great. So having that hairy ape all over me, I shouldn't get nervous because he's not going to hurt me?" Monique said sharply throwing a piece of her sandwich into the ocean watching the gulls dive for it.

"I know. That guy gives me the creeps too but we have to go with this, besides..." Heylyn paused as one of the crew got close.

He was an elderly man likely Japanese in heritage. He pushed a mop before him wearily as he approached them.

"I'm so sorry. I did not mean to interrupt. Nice lady. Nice lady." he said bowing to them as he backed away.

"Don't worry about it sir. You speak English very well." Heylyn commented.

"But not as well as me." an English man in faded attire approached them.

"Are you putting him down? You should be ashamed of yourself. He's working his butt off and what are you doing?" Monique jabbed at him verbally.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know that you had a thing for mops. Or pops." the man replied barely losing stride.

"I did not know you had a thing for floods. I take it you're an optimist?" the Japanese fellow responded in his own defense pointing the Englishman's pants which were taken up a tad bit high.

"Well if the washing and drying equipment on this blasted barge worked half as well as you did, these pants might be shorts by now!" the Englishman replied.

"They are shorts, aren't they?" replied Monique.

"Oh very funny. And who might you be?" asked the Englishman.

"I'm Monique. And who are you?" asked Monique.

"I'm Barris. Barris Windsor at your service." Barris offered Monique his hand.

"I'm sorry sir. There's no wind surfing on the boat. None." the Japanese fellow responded.

"No you buffoon! That's my name! Windsor! Windsor!" Barris looked back at the Japanese fellow.

"Wind surf? Wind surf?" the Japanese man replied.

"And who might you be sir?" Heylyn asked the Japanese man.

"Why I am Mishima Sato. At your service. Who do I have the pleasure of knowing?" Sato replied mocking Barris' earlier introduction.

"I'm Ai. Ai Yuanlin Ying. Pleased to meet you." Heylyn bowed for Sato.

"You're from the south in China? I can tell by your name. Your accent." Sato responded.

"Yes that's right. GuangZhou. That's where I'm from." Heylyn responded.

"Sato! Stop harassing the paying customers on this ship! That's an order!" Carver walked up his burly figure imposing upon the group.

"I'm so sorry. Right away. Work I will. Yes." Sato responded keeping his head low.

Monique took the opportunity to show a little bit of her leg and buxom. She spied Carver looking at her for a moment then he looked away.

"Are you with them?" Carver asked Barris.

"That depends..." Barris replied.

"No. He's not with us." Monique replied.

"He's someone we just met." Heylyn replied.

"Why thank you very much. See if I ever..." Barris stopped as a beautiful dark haired European girl approached and grabbed him by the ear.

"Hi honey! Did you get lost again? Let's get back to the cabin so you can give me a foot rub." the lady said grasping his ear firmly.

"Right away Mila." Barris said as he stumbled under the force of her pull.

"Bye..." Heylyn waved.

"Tata. For now..." Barris replied.

"What a jerk!" Monique spat back towards him.

"Good bye wind surf." Sato replied with a wide smile across his face.

"I'll get you for that Sato..." Barris replied as they disappeared.

"Ma'am. Be careful. Both of you. I like you." Sato said to Monique and Heylyn as he backed away from them to continue his job.

To be continued...

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