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The Lost And The Found Part 7: Monique's Diary June 14, 2008

Dear Diary,

We just arrived back in the ship and our prison in the cargo container. You would not believe what has happened since my last entry so I'll go step by step here and do my best to explain it. Keeping in mind that none of this is made up.

I boarded first at a port in Bangkok as a Ukrainian immigrant. Heylyn, my best friend boarded further on in the East (somewhere near GuangZhou where her parents are originally from). She's a native of China though she came to Canada when she was a little girl. Somehow though she couldn't leave the Butterfly behind because it followed her and found her for certain. So did the Dragon though from how she talks about the Dragon I'd say that we have two different understandings of Dragons. In the West they kidnap virgins and horde the treasures of their vassals (can you believe I actually remember that word from my history classes?). In the East they are sometimes harbingers of good fortune and wisdom though from them, you earn what you get what you deserve. I kind of think that's why so many people don't like them. They know they're going to get what they deserve. Kind of like Karma. Speaking of Dragons, Weltherwithsp actually showed up! I mean a full sized Dragon floating through the air like a flying snake with butterfly wings! I have to get to that part though and there's a bit. Don't mind the writing as I'm kind of cramped up in the cargo container we've been imprisoned within.

So a few days after we left the last port, the crew showed their true colors and imprisoned us as cattle for their human trafficking ring just as Heylyn had suspected would happen. We'd been confined with an assortment of people who'd also procured transport on the ship. Most of the guards are armed and mean. Thankfully nobody has been shot yet but I've seen a few of the guards eyeing some of the older captives as if they were going to pull the trigger right there and then.

I've been holding back really, because I know if I really let fly, I could take out the entire cargo hold of guards. Heylyn warned me not to do that though. She said we have to hold back. We don't want the guards. We don't even want the superiors of the guards. We want the people organizing this whole human trafficking operation. We're not the only one's anymore either because there's some other people hunting them too. Magical ones though I never thought it was possible but it is.

They're like a secret society of magicians and philosophers who protect us all the world over. All of us the whole world which consequently they call the Aerth. They operate from a United Nations of magic and the planes that they call the Sanctum. They represent every culture the world over though they too have their squabbles. Getting along isn't always so easy and sometimes even when its the people who are supposed to set an example for other. One thing I noticed about them is that despite the fact that they don't all get along, they never hold a grudge against one another. They keep on keepin' on as my hard working Ukrainian tradesman father used to put it. Maybe they do set an example that we haven't seen.

So we encountered them at their Sanctum, which is like their secret base of operations except that it isn't a part of our world. It's like in another dimension, so it overlaps ours but we can't see it. We traveled there thinking they were our enemies, deceived by their arch-enemy Lorr, whom they refer to as a Power Lord. This Lorr stood us down and it looked like the end for us until Heylyn's Dragon friend showed up and challenged Lorr. Lorr chickened out against the Dragon. I guess for the same reasons that most people are afraid of Eastern Dragons. They're /creatures of heart and good intent and harbingers of good fortune to the like, though don't mistake them for people of that sign. You have to earn being a Dragon after all. I guess this Lorr wasn't so good and knew that the wrath of Heylyn's Dragon would best him.

So after licking our wounds, here we are back in the cargo hold of a ship that is supposed to rendezvous with our target: the traffickers. The ones who call the shots. So we've just got to hold out until then when we can show our true colors.

So for now as my French Mother always said: there is nothing you can't overcome unless you convince yourself you can't.

With Heylyn Yates, my best friend and a group of Wytches and sorcerers backing us, we should be able to overcome anything.

Don't forget that hundreds of years ago the ancestors of these Women, the Wytches were hunted down to the point of extinction. They've seen much in their time including the Witch trials, the Suffrage throughout two World Wars. They returned, their hearts and minds true ready to right the Aerth before she's led astray and onto the path of destruction by those who care little for life or the future.

It will be a while before the next chapter. Hang on. Please.

Monique Defleur.

PS: Eugene F. has nothing to do with The Butterfly Dragon or A Lady`s Prerogative or with this blog.

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