Thursday, August 18, 2016

Something To Keep You Warm...

The Butterfly Dragon II: Dragon Butterfly


Every tale has a beginning.

Even for a little girl named Ai Yuanlin Ying.

The Butterfly Dragon I: Heroes Of Our Own Full Edition 2

-- The story right from the beginning --
-- Ai's early beginnings down the path to becoming Heylyn Yates: The Butterfly Dragon --
-- Alicia's early childhood and life before becoming the inventor of the SY349 --
-- Heylyn's first love and her greatest tragedy --
-- More Walton Norler --
-- More Grier Torman --
-- More Valerie "Valkyra" Aspen --
-- More Monique "The Eclipse" Defleur --
-- More Mr. Zek --
-- Introducing Warai Jeong Min Tokama, one of the leads from book II --
-- New artwork for many of the chapters --

-- And of course more Weltherwithsp --

Learning how to get up also requires us to know how to fall...
Morgan Kyoshi Sensei

Brian Joseph Johns

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