Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Introducing Walton Norler...

Having been working on the design elements for a number of the Women characters over the last few years and recently releasing a design pic of Athandra Rithyani from my other book A Lady's Prerogative, I thought I'd have another go at the designs for one of the men of The Butterfly Dragon, the CEO of Tynan And Associates, the company that eventually funds research on the miraculous SY349 formula.

Drawing my inspirations from two (former) leading males from Hollywood and at least one real life CEO and what I imagined him to be like, I was able to put this together using Daz3D and Adobe Photoshop.

Walton Norler is a major character in the first book, The Butterfly Dragon I: Heroes Of Our Own and will be similarly as pivotal in the second book. He is a charismatic and benevolent leader for Tynan And Associates having saved them from the clutches of Grier Torman, his former boardroom nemesis. His vision is to change the world for the better from the boardroom and through the guidance of the company as CEO (see the image below).

In the proof that beauty just keeps getting better with age department, I read a recent article that Julie Newmar would be providing the voice for the Catwoman in an upcoming Batman animated feature alongside her voice cast mates of Adam West and Burt Ward.

She is one of the most iconic characters of the Superhero world bordering the fine line between superhero and villain. Julie Newmar is an important proponent to the empowerment of Women and at the same time a sex symbol and an important inspiration for some of my characters. Someone who could wield the power of their sexuality while relying on their wit, wiles and prowess to overcome their obstacles having a little fun along the way.

She's just as beautiful and seductive fifty years after the first episode of the Batman television series aired proving that beauty indeed does get better with age both externally and internally. I would say that she is perhaps my favorite embodiment of Catwoman (with Michelle Pfeiffer's and Anne Hathaway's bringing in a close second). Perhaps each were a different kind of Catwoman for a different era and different sensibilities.

Here's a classic film on youtube showing Julie's adventurous spirit.

In other news, Margaret Atwood, an important Canadian literary hero of her own has released her superhero book Angel Catbird, which has become a graphic novel produced by Dark Horse. Margaret Atwood has a long list of best selling fiction and numerous awards for her work as an author and Canadian icon. 


Brian Joseph Johns

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